Bandanas FAQ

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What are Collar Slipcover Bandanas?

Collar Slipcover Bandanas are designed to be worn over your pet's existing buckle-style collar so that you can change the look without changing collars. To wear the slipcover, thread your pet's collar through the casing at the top. On the end near the buckle is a buttonhole opening for the leash loop/D-ring and tags to slide through so that the entire collar is covered. This also helps to prevent the slipcover from sliding around on the collar. Sorry, our bandanas are not compatible with martingale-style collars.

What are Scrunchie Bandanas?

Scrunchie Bandanas have elastic neckbands and do NOT attach to the collar, so are great for pets who wear harnesses instead of collars. They stretch to about 1.5 times the neck size of your pet to easily slip over the head.

What are the bandanas made of?

I like my bandanas to be easy to wear and easy to care for, so most are made of 100% cotton quilting weight fabric, some are made of cotton/metallic blend fabrics. Unless otherwise noted, they are machine washable and tumble dry.

What Size should I order?

My bandana sizes are unique! Size is based on your pet's actual measurements, not on breed or weight ranges. 

Sizing for both Collar Slipcover and Scrunchie Bandanas is based on two measurements:

  1. The drop height, measured vertically from the top edge down to the point of the bandana - choose a height that suits your pet
  2. Your dog's actual neck circumference or collar length

I have several basic sizes that I use for Ready to Ship bandanas, but since dogs come in different shapes, heights and body types, the drop height and neck size can be mixed and matched for Made to Order bandanas that custom fit your pet. Our bandanas can be custom ordered with neck sizes up to 24 inches.

► If you have a favorite bandana that fits your dog nicely, send me the measurements and I will do my best to make a similar size for you.

Basic Ready to Ship Sizes:
Size Drop Height Collar Slipcover Casing Length*
 XSmall  4.5 inches  12 inches (fits up to 10 inch collar)
 Small  5 inches  14 inches (fits up to 12 inch collar)
 Medium  6 inches  16 inches (fits up to 14 inch collar)
 Large**  7 inches  17 inches (fits up to 15 inch collar)
 XLarge**  8 inches  18+ inches (fits 16+ inch collar)


*For Collar Slipcover Bandanas, the casing length is usually 1-2 inches longer than your dog's collar for wearing ease. For example, a 12 inch casing fits a 10 inch long collar. When ordering custom sized bandanas, enter your pet's actual collar length. 

Scrunchie Bandanas are made in the same drop heights above, with your pet's actual neck circumference (instead of casing length). Measure your pet close to the neck, but loose enough to wear the bandana comfortably over their fur. 

**Be sure to let me know if your pet's collar hardware is wider than 1 inch so I can properly size the casing for Collar Slipcover Bandanas

NEW! Personalize your bandana by adding your pet's name in embroidery!

This option is available on selected bandanas when the fabric design and fiber content will support machine embroidery. Thread color, font style and placement will coordinate with the fabric design and bandana size so that it will enhance the appearance of the bandana. If you would like a particular color, font or design placement, please add a note at checkout or contact me in advance.

Please be sure to properly supervise your pet while wearing our bandanas or any other neckwear!

Custom Orders

Want a different color or themed fabric? Custom orders are welcome!