Summer's Not Over Yet! August 2017 News

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Summers not over yet! August 2017 News | SewAmazin

In this post: New Late Summer Dog Bandanas

The month of August means something different to each of us. Whether you're looking forward to vacation time or getting ready to go back to school, there's still a month of Summer left on the calendar!

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These new bandanas were all added to our shop in August. They can be ordered as either Scrunchie Bandanas (our default style) or Collar Slipcover Bandanas. 

Contact me if you'd like any of our designs made as a Scrunchie Neck Ruffle instead of a bandana!


Seashore Treasures Beach Dog Bandana

This print features beautiful seashells, starfish and other sea treasures that can be found along the shore, scattered on an ocean blue background.

Seashore Treasures Beach Dog Bandana | SewAmazin


Pink Flamingo Paradise Summer Dog Bandana

This tropical print features trendy pink flamingos and leafy green palms. Colors include shades of green, pink, orange, black and white.

Pink Flamingo Paradise Summer Dog Bandana | SewAmazin


► See more custom size designs in our Summer & Beach section and retired designs in our Bandana Clearance section on Etsy

Summer and Beach Dog Bandanas | SewAmazin Summer Dog Bandanas, retired designs | SewAmazin on Etsy


Red Poppies Dog Bandana

Packed with vibrant red poppies, this bandana is perfect for late Summer to early Fall! The poppy is also one of the flowers of the month for birthdays in August 

Red Poppies Dog Bandana


Rustic Sunflowers Dog Bandana

Sunflowers are bright and cheery and lift the spirit with their sun-like appearance. They symbolize adoration and loyalty, two attributes commonly associated with our beloved canine companions.

Rustic Sunflowers Summer Dog Bandana | SewAmazin


► See all our floral designs in the Flowers section of our website.

Floral designs, Flower Dog Bandanas | SewAmazin

Other Shop News:

Request a Design Update - In a previous post, we asked our readers for suggestions for bandana designs. As a result, I'm working on a sports fan themed bandana that can be customized with team colors and your pets' name. The listing should be ready by early September (I've been slowed down a little by a miserable Summer cold since July).

If you have an idea for a bandana or scrunchie ruffle design theme, comment on this blog post our use our Contact link.


SewAmazin on Etsy - Just a reminder, we've finished moving our retired, clearance-priced ready-to-ship bandanas, scrunchie neck ruffles and other accessories to our Etsy shop. Check it out you're shopping early for Christmas or Halloween!

I'll combine shipping if you order from more than one shop within 24 hours.

SewAmazin on Etsy - Christmas Sale SewAmazin on Etsy - Dog Bandanas, Clearance SewAmazin on Etsy - Dog Scrunchies, Clearance


Update on Keli - She's recovering nicely from her surgery in June to remove a malignant growth on her face. The fur on her nose is growing back and she seems much happier now. At 15.5 years, she's slowed down a little, but still enjoys a daily walk and, of course, lots of treats!

Keli August 2017 | SewAmazin

Customer Photos

We love to see your pets wearing our SewAmazin neckwear! Don't forget to send us your photos wearing our bandanas.

I missed the July blog post with customer photos, so I'll catch up sharing them in September's blog. Until then, visit our photo gallery for some amazin' photos from our friends and customers.

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